Welcome to the Future of CF Fairview.

4_Renderings_Aerial_1800 Sheppard Avenue East

The Future of CF Fairview Mall is a vibrant and dynamic mixed-use community.

With the existing mall remaining in place, we plan to redevelop the surface parking areas surrounding CF Fairview Mall with a mix of uses to provide an even more vibrant place for people to come together and enjoy.

4_Renderings_View Along Parkway Forest_1800 Sheppard Avenue East

What we envision

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    CF Fairview Mall’s Continued Success

    We want to reflect peoples’ increased desires to work, live, and gather in a dynamic, transit-connected, mixed-use community. By keeping CF Fairview Mall, and redeveloping the land surrounding the mall, we can continue to offer a vibrant destination for people to enjoy.

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    Diverse Mix of Uses

    We will provide a diverse mix of residential uses, commercial uses, open spaces, and amenities on site to serve existing and future residents, workers, visitors, and community members.

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    Better Connections

    Leveraging the site’s existing location at the intersection of multiple modes of transportation, including Don Mills station, we plan on creating new and improved pedestrian and vehicular connections, and significantly enhancing access and connections to public transit networks.

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